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Lake maintenance and wetland maintenance strategies that preserve the health, beauty, and sustainability of Florida's aquatic environments

At Crosscreek Environmental, we're equipped to preserve the health and beauty of Florida's lakes, ponds, and wetlands through proven lake & pond maintenance and wetland maintenance strategies. Our licensed, certified*, and highly experienced technicians offer skilled lake maintenance through the management and removal of exotic, nuisance, and invasive plants, algae, and aquatic weeds. We help our clients preserve native aquatic vegetation and maintain the balance so critical to the sustainability and cleanliness of our aquatic ecosystems in Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando & additional areas.

* Commercial/Public Herbicide Applicator Certification, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Commercial Work

Homeowner's associations, governments, management companies, and developers have learned to trust Crosscreek Environmental for all of their lake maintenance and wetland maintenance requirements** as well as the management of uplands and natural areas.

At Crosscreek Environmental, we've got the manpower and equipment needed for large jobs, involving manual removal, mechanical removal of larger trees, herbicide sprayers, and airboats for larger wetlands. And yet we're local enough for smaller lakes and ponds, taking pride in our quality results.

**Knowledge base includes land development codes and local, state, and federal permitting, requirements, and approvals.
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Crosscreek Environmental is your one stop source for the restoration and preservation of Florida's ponds, lakes, wetlands, and shorelines. We are conveniently located in Palmetto & Tampa, Florida serving Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando and more.
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